Hale Krishna Temple and Botanical Gardens is one of Hawaii’s most undiscovered jewels. After being featured on the national Home and Garden Network, local folks, savvy tour companies, and vacationers alike have been passing by in droves to take photographs and admire the property. Those who are fortunate enough to enter through the gates, immediately experience a sense of peace and tranquility. They find themselves slipping into an unexpected meditation upon discovering the enchanting gardens, numerous waterfalls, and exotic Hobbit House. The highlight of which is the blessed temple room, home of the all-merciful deities, Radha and Krishna.

Great Experience

The inspiration for this magnificent creation came from special instructions given by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami. His disciple, Narahari das, was encouraged to: create a paradise on earth reminiscent of the spiritual world, invite interested guests, and teach them the ancient science of Self-Realization. As a tribute to his beloved guru, and with lots of help from others, Hale Krishna continues to evolve under Narahari’s guidance.


As the spiritual leader of Hale Krishna, Narahari is an acknowledged scholar of Vedic literature, especially Bhagavad Gita, and the post-graduate scripture – Srimad Bhagavatam. Very proficient at quoting and chanting Sanskrit verses, Narahari has lectured all over the world on this great spiritual science, but now teaches primarily at the Hale Krishna Temple in Waimanalo. Additionally, he often appears as a guest speaker at local universities, junior colleges, high schools and a vast assortment of spiritual groups. One of his most memorable public engagements was appearing on the Larry King Show.


Kirtan Yoga

In 1973, as a Bhakti-yoga teacher under the direction of Bhaktivedanta Swami, Narahari started enlightening others on the science of Self-Realization.  A few years later, he accepted the responsibility of performing spiritually based weddings in various ashrams. By popular demand, he began making these services available to the general public.  Presently, Narahari performs well over 500 weddings a year. Narahari finds weddings a great opportunity to spark spiritual interest in his couples.  His ultimate purpose is to add a sacred component to their relationship and lives.


In the secular world, Narahari is lovingly known as  “Captain Howie”. The title of “Captain” comes from his Master’s License with the U.S. Coastguard. Howie is his given name. Check out “Captain Howie’s” unique website – Above Heaven’s Gate. Prospective couples, or people that visit the site, quickly get the picture that “Captain Howie” is not a typical wedding officiant. His primary focus is always on spirituality.

If you have an interest having Narahari speak to your class or group, please give his office a call at:


He would be deeply honored to share the ancient, Vedic science of Self-Realization with you.